Each harbor has its own unique needs and expectations, but the list below provides some insight into the daily duties of your local harbormaster.

  • Responsible for patrolling the harbor and flagging violations of marine and health laws.
  • Enforces state and local laws related to speeding, safety equipment, safe operation, etc.
  • Enforces local harbor ordinances and laws related to moorings, speeding, pollution, etc.
  • Administers the mooring of vessels within the harbor, including issuance of mooring permits; assignments of boats to specific moorings on docks and rafts and keeping record of all boats moored in the harbor.
  • Responsible for recommending the purchase of new equipment and supplies.
  • Provides assistance to vessels in distress.  
  • Oversees and performs the maintenance and repair of local docks and municipally-owned boats and equipment.
  • Seasonally installs and removes floating docks and moorings for floats.
  • Provides local information and recommendations to visitors of the harbor including practical tips, recommendations.
  • Maintains a clean and litter free town dock and harbor.
  • Mitigates disagreements among local boaters and fishermen.
  • Supports community events as needed.
  • Provides a friendly and reliable point of contact for boaters, fishermen and visitors alike.

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