I started as Norwalk’s Deputy Harbormaster 2018, and was appointed Harbormaster in 2021. My responsibilities include overseeing moorings and various projects impacting the harbor. I retired after 24yr career in law enforcement 15yrs for the City of Norwalk where some of that time I spent with the Marine Unit and ESU Dive Unit. I obtained my Safe Boating Cert at a young age and continued in obtaining my 200 ton cert as a license Captain. Norwalk is known for it’s 25 beautiful  islands for recreational boating.

Tribute to Harbormaster Lovallo — Submitted by John Thomas Pinto, Ph.D., President, Connecticut Harbor Management Association

“Norwalk Harbor Master Bruce Lovallo, a former officer with the Norwalk Marine Police, has consistently exemplified extraordinary dedication, going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety and education of boat club members, rowing club enthusiasts, and all who venture into Norwalk Harbor. His unwavering commitment and proactive initiatives deserve our heartfelt gratitude.

Mr. Lovallo’s passion for safety education are exemplary. He has taken it upon himself to enlighten boat club members and rowing club participants about the unique challenges posed by the ongoing construction of the railroad bridge (Walk Bridge) over the Norwalk River. The Walk Bridge is a four-track railroad bridge that spans the Norwalk River and serves as a critical link on the Northeast Corridor for MetroNorth and Amtrak railroad. His efforts have not only enhanced safety awareness but have also ensured that everyone on the water is well-informed about the potential risks and precautions needed in a dynamic harbor that includes recreational and commercial vessels as well as construction barges and cranes.

The construction of a railroad bridge is no small feat, especially in a bustling harbor like Norwalk. Mr. Lovallo’s exceptional coordination skills have played a pivotal role in ensuring that large work barges, cranes, and work vessels involved in this complex project are seamlessly integrated into the harbor’s daily operations. His expertise in strategically placing moorings for these vessels has not only ensured their safe berthing but also helped protect delicate shellfish resources while preventing disruptions to regular harbor activities.

Mr. Lovallo’s impact reaches beyond the technical aspects of his role. He has fostered a sense of community and collaboration among the various stakeholders in Norwalk Harbor. His open communication and willingness to engage with boat club members, rowing club enthusiasts, and construction crews have created an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. Through his efforts, he has transformed Norwalk Harbor into a space where everyone can be heard and valued. Norwalk Harbor Master Bruce Lovallo serves as fine example of what dedication, initiative, and a commitment to safety can achieve in a maritime community. His unwavering efforts to educate, coordinate, and build bridges within the community have made Norwalk Harbor a safer and more welcoming place for all. It is with the utmost appreciation and respect that we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bruce Lovallo for his exceptional service and commitment to excellence. Not just a
Harbor master, Mr. Lovallo serves as a true guardian of Norwalk Harbor’s vitality and safety.”

John Thomas Pinto, Ph.D.
President, Connecticut Harbor Management Association
Chair, Application Review Committee
Norwalk Harbor Management Commission

Bruce Lavallo, Harbormaster, State of Connecticut
Bruce Lovallo, State of Connecticut Harbormaster

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